About Us

Hello! So, you want to know about us...

Tina is a mother of two with a boyfriend at the age of 39 years old. One child is grown (Jesy) and the other lives with her father (Jesy's step) and is a teen. She has two pet hampsters (both male). She has a regular job (hopefully just for now and will be able to do FG for a career...! Pray for her! Ha-ha!) in retail. She is one of the managers. Because of her job and position, she works odd hours sometimes. She may work from 8am to 5pm, 8am to 10pm, or 6am to 12am. There are many possibilities to her hours. This is why in the Contact section we say to be patient and we will get to you as soon as we can. She loves doing crafts, though; she says they are calming. 

Jesy is 22 years old and lives in her parents basement...:p Tina is her mother, but she was young and Jesy was raised by her grandparents (on Tina's side). We see each other all the time, and when we don't see each other we text, call, IM, or email each other. She has two little dogs (a cock-a-poo, which is a a cocker spaniel and a poodle mix, and a cocker spaniel; both female). She is a college student. Only three more semesters to go!! Yay!! She hopes to graduate May 2011. She has a pretty stable schedule. Monday through Thursday at 5-9:20pm (4-9:20pm on Wednesdays) she is in classes. This is adding the time she starts getting ready to go as well. She will not be checking emails or updating the site at any of this time. She is taking on a 15 hour load this semseter and the remaining two semesters. Hopefully, she can take this on and pass with good enough grades because she took on 12 hour loads for the past 7 semesters. She is the computer junky. She is handling the catalogue. If you would like a catalogue, we could ship one to you, or just put it online in Word format (93-2003 and 2007). If you are unable to get it in that format, we can send you one, but she is still working on it. We will let you know when it is ready.

History of project

Okay, like it says in the About section above, Tina loves making crafts. It calms her down and relaxes her after a stressful day at work and in life. She finds videos online with people showing her how to make these cute little items. So a thanks to the citizens of YouTube (Broadcast yourself (TM)) for submitting those videos. We would also like to thank the many stores for the products they carry that Tina has bought to make the crafts. Tina's boyfriend, Rob, is being supportive through this whole idea of Fuzzy Greetingz and selling of the products, so thank you.

This started as just having fun for Tina, then she talked to Jesy about selling them. So, here they started making a blog and a website, and then making conjoined Facebook, Twitter, and MySpace accounts... Then things started to die down, but Tina continued to create. So, Jesy started making a catalogue. That's when things got going again. They made a new website (voici - "here it is") and email.

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