The Fuzzy Greetingz Contest

02/11/2010 22:45


The Fuzzy Greetingz Contest

Hi, everyone! Okay, information on the contest...

In Products you will have to look for the "IDK" Treat Holder. This item we just could not come up with a name for it. We would like you all to come up with a name. You can either email us (Contact Us) your answer or go to Newsletter and fill it out. In Newsletter, put "Contest" in the subject line. In the body, you will put your answer. You can leave a message, explaining your choice, if you want. It isn't necessary, but we might like to know your We will let everyone know in some way or form when the contest is over and who the winner is.

If you are looking right now (2/10/10), the "IDK" may not be there yet. Please, be patient.

Now, for the prize... If you come up with the winning name for the "IDK" Treat Holder, you will get TWO FREE with the mini candy bars that would go in it. Now, the mini candy bars would otherwise be extra when purchasing it, but you will get them free with the treat holders.

I hope we get some good names!

The Fuzzy Greetingz Team

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