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02/08/2010 16:02

Hi Everyone!

Just a little note about our products.  All products you see will have the option of coming with or without treats.  I know some people can only have certain kinds of candies and whatnot, so I want you to have the option of filling it with your own choice of treats if you like.  If you would like for us to provide the treats for you, let us know and we can discuss prices with you.


Also, all items can be changed as far as color schemes and decorations go to fit any holiday or occasion.  Just let us know what occasion/holiday you are using the treat holder or card for (and if you are giving to a girl or boy, as that will make a difference on some things).  We will pick some colors and decorations out that are related to the holiday/occasion for you.


And, last but not least, please remember that, unfortunately, this is not a full time job for us and its a very small 2 person business (with only one person making the crafts).  I have a full time job and Jesy is a student with homework to tend to.  So we can only handle reasonable orders and must have plenty of time in which to do them and get them to you.  Please understand this, and thank you for understanding.


Currently, we are only able to accept check and money order as payment forms as we are simply not set up for credit card purchases at this time.  I'm sorry for any inconvenience on this matter.  We will discuss colors/decorations and pricing (if you want the treat holders filled) and then once we get your payment (which will include a shipping and handling fee if we are delivering by mail) we will get your product made and to you as quickly as possible.


Thank you for your patience and understaning with us and for your interest in Fuzzy Greetingz!


The Fuzzy Greetingz Team 

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