03/01/2010 09:29

Stampin' Up! Independent Demonstrator

Good morning Everyone! Just wanted to share with one and all that I am now an Independent Demonstrator for Stampin' Up!  If you are interested in scrapbooking, cardmaking, rubber stamping, etc..., you will definitely want to check out the section of our site that is titled Stampin' Up!. ...
02/10/2010 20:33

Fuzzy Greetingz Contest

The Fuzzy Greetingz Contest Hi, everyone! Okay, information on the contest... In Products you will have to look for the "IDK" Treat Holder. This item we just could not come up with a name for it. We would like you all to come up with a name. You can either email us (Contact Us) your answer or...
02/08/2010 16:21


For lack of a current better way to do our newsletter... simply click on the newsletter link on the left hand side bar.  In the "feedback" form, simply give us your name and email address and in the subject line put "Subscribe".  You can send us a little note if you like, but its not...
02/08/2010 16:12

New Blog Post (RE: Our product line, pricing, etc)

We have added a blog post going into a little more detail about our product line (color schemes and decorations to fit any holiday/occasion), your choice of filled or non-filled treat holders, pricing, and payment options.  Be sure and check that out.  Enjoy your day! The Fuzzy Greetingz...
02/05/2010 06:58

Under Construction

Please excuse our mess while we get our site up and running.  We are working very hard to get everything ready for you, so please feel free to bookmark our site and check back often to see our progress, or simply sign up for our newsletter and we will let you know how things are...
02/05/2010 06:57

Website launched

Our new website has been launched today. We are doing everything we can to get the site up and running, please be patient with us.  We have a photo gallery of the products for sale as well as contact info if you'd like to take a look at them.  We hope to have videos up soon as well to...

Welcome to Fuzzy Greetingz

Hey, everyone!! Welcome to Fuzzy Greetingz!

Okay, first let me explain what this site is about. Fuzzy Greetingz is a site where you can purchase greeting cards and treat holders. The greeting cards can come with or without a message (and messages are limited for now). The treat holders can come with or without treats.

About Us is where you find more information on us and the website. Contact Us is, of course, where you go and find the information in which to contact us. News is the updated news that is going on with the site and the team. Photogallery is what it says. It's a photogallery. You can view images that we put on the site. Guestbook is where you can go and fill out your name (first, first and last, nickname, "username", anonymouse - actually write anonymouse), email, and a comment, suggestion, or question you may have for us. Blog is a blog. Updated information will also go here, but in more depth than NewsOur Team is where you can find even more information on just the Fuzzy Greetingz team members. Products is the page where you will be able to see our items for sales and read brief descriptions about them, including measurements and prices. Newsletter is where you can go to "sign up" for our newsletters. We hope to get them once a week. At first we may get them out monthly or every two weeks. Basically, just "Updates! Information available on blah-blah section." You will be directed on the site (News, Blog, or Products). the  

We just ask that you take some time to look at each one of these. Also, the News (with preview entries) and Articles can be found below here.

There's a Fuzzy Greetingz Contest going on right now. Please check out the News or Blog section for more information on that.

The Fuzzy Greetingz Team


04/17/2010 01:11

Banners, Badges, n Buttons

02/08/2010 16:29

Add Your Banner

If you have a website and would like to have your banner on our page, just drop us an email and give us either an embed code or send us your banner and the link to your site (or simply the link to your site if you already have an embed code handy on your site) and we'll be more than happy to add...

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